Safe H2O

How We Clean Your Water Tank

Our Water Tank Cleaning Process

Finally a way of cleaning both your water and purify your water tank is here! The Safe H2O water purification and water tank cleaning service is turning the traditional model of cleaning water tanks on its head. The Safe H2O system gives you a revolutionary high-tech way to quickly, efficiently and affordably clean your water and water tank.

Traditionally when cleaning a water tank you empty the tank, climb into the tank to muck it out and then refill the tank.

Safe H2O’s innovative process vacuums the sediment from the tank and then filters your water through three levels of filtration.

This renders your water safe of anything detrimental to your health and your purified water is returned to your tank, along with a dose of food grade hydrogen peroxide to flush and treat the lines going into your house.

The Safe H20 process treats both your tank and your water in the tank. This is unique in ensuring your retained water is clean and safe to drink for your whole household.

At the end of the process our customers are left with a clean tank and water fit for immediate use without having to purchase replacement water.

Water is a precious commodity and increasingly so as we experience the impact of climate change.

Using the Safe H2O process saves over 2 million litres of water for every 100 water tanks we service.


  • Specifically designed and engineered to purify your water and clean your water tanks
  • The latest in water filtration technology
  • Removes >99.9% of nitrates, bacteria including cysts and pesticides
  • Retaining and purifying your existing water – no need to buy expensive replacement water
  • Environmentally friendly – our process saves 2 million litres of water for every 100 tanks we service
  • Cost Effective
  • Resolves smells, bad tastes and discolouration
  • We operate throughout the North Island and anytime of the year
  • Unit has 60 metres of hoses meaning easy access to most tanks
  • Specialists in the field
  • NZ owned company
  • Good old fashioned personal customer service


  1. There is no need to order expensive replacement water to refill your tank. Our custom-engineered multi-stage filtration units filter your existing tank water removing anything detrimental to your health. This means we’re not putting dirty water back into your clean tank, nor do you have to order expensive replacement water.
  2. No Abrasions. Our process means we never enter your water tank, which is not only safer, but it avoids the potential of damaging the interior of your tank. We also avoid water-blasting the interior of your tank as this can cause abrasions and cause future leaks.
  3. No more sediment or bacteria. It’s important we remove the sediment from the floor of your water tank as this is a medium for bacteria to breed in. Our multi-stage filtration system then removes any sediment/bacteria which may be in suspension in the water.
  4. Scientifically proven. Our process has been laboratory tested and proven to be effective in providing pure safe water.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Our process saves over 2 million litres of water per 100 tanks serviced when compared to the traditional method of water tank cleaning.

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