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Finally a way of cleaning both your water and your water tank is here! The Safe H2O water purification and water tank cleaning service is turning the traditional model of cleaning water tanks on its head. The Safe H2O system gives you a revolutionary high-tech way to quickly, efficiently and affordably clean your water and water tank.  Our service now covers the whole of the North Island.

In effect the Safe H20 process treats both the tank and the water in the tank to the highest standards. This is unique in ensuring the retained water is clean and safe to drink for the whole household. At the end of the process customers are left with a clean tank and water fit for immediate use without having to purchase replacement water.

The latest in water filtration technology.

We use the latest technology available in nano-filtration to filter the tank water.  This removes anything larger than 0.001 of a micron so that your purified water is clean and safe to drink.

Removes >99.9% of nitrates, bacteria and pesticides

The nano-filtration removes >99.9% of nitrates, lead, pollen, bacteria and pesticides – effectively anything detrimental to your health.

Purifies the water & cleans your tank meaning you have no need to replace water.

We purify the water & clean your tank meaning you have no need to replace water and incur the additional costs associated with this.   

Environmentally friendly

Water is a precious commodity and increasingly so as we experience the impact of climate change. Using the Safe H2O process saves over 2 million litres of water for every 100 water tanks we service when compared to traditional methods of water tank cleaning. 

Cost Effective

Our tank cleaning services are competitive to start with and the most cost effective option when you take into consideration the cost of replacement water.

Why clean your tank?

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Litres of Water saved to date by Safe H2O

This is the running total showing the litres of water saved using the Safe H2O process when compared with the traditional method of water tank cleaning.



Value of Water saved to date by Safe H2O

This shows the running total of what it would cost to have paid to replace the litres of  water saved by the Safe H2O process.

When were yours last cleaned?

World leading technology and innovation finally brings a cost effective water purification and water tank cleaning system to your doorstep.

SafeH2O removes all sediment quickly and efficiently without climbing into your tank or using abrasive cleaning techniques; retains and purifies your existing water removing >99.9% of pathogens from the water treated and leaves your tank and water clean and safe.
  • “Professional service with excellent communication – very easy to deal with. Chad was extremely helpful, explained the process clearly and made a great job of cleaning our tank. Thoroughly recommend.”
    Anne Stanley
  • This is the second year we have used Craig’s services, he is so professional, provide prompt service and he is such a nice guy. Needless to say we’ll use him again next year. ;-). Highly recommend Safe H2O Waikato!!!

    Elisabetta Premoli
  • Craig came and cleaned 14 house water tanks on our farm over 3 days. Fast super friendly service and very reasonably priced. The water tastes so much fresher and we would high recommend Craig to anyone with water tanks. Thank you.
    Roanne Lumsden

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