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How much does it cost to clean my water tank?

The cost of cleaning a typical New Zealand water tank depends on a number of factors.

The key factors to determine the cost of water tank cleaning are:

  • The number of tanks (and if they are next to each other)
  • The size of tanks
  • Your location (address)

If you are unsure of your tank size then providing the height and diameter for a cylinder tank, or length, width and depth for a rectangular tank, will allow us to work that out for you.

Other factors that we need to know for cleaning a tank.

  • What the tank or tanks are made of?
  • Can we get a light truck within 50 metres (think half a rugby field) of the tank(s)?
  • Are there any hazards, such as low hanging power lines, that may be immediately above the manhole for the tank(s)?
  • What is your water source?
  • How long since the tank(s) were cleaned (if you know)?
  • Do you have filters going into the house?

Tank Access is a key factor

And if the tank is under a deck or house or part of a patio then again we need to have a chat to establish if/how we can access.

Overall, there’s quite a few factors involved, and it is impossible to know the cost, until the tank cleaning operator has all the detail.

Other tanks cleaners may give you a quick quote online but often end up getting shocked at the final bill is much higher than they thought.

It’s saves time (and a nasty surprise when you get your bill) if you provide more detail about your tank set up, when getting a quote.

How to save money when cleaning your tank

One thing we do know is that Safe H2O saves your money – this is because we do not waste the water that is in your tank – we purify any water in the tank as well as clean the tank itself. 

We have saved over 200 million litres of water when compared to the traditional method of tank cleaning during our time operating. 

The cost to buy in that water would be nearly $5.5 million.

You can read more about our process here.

Need a tank cleaning cost estimate?

If you do want a price estimate from Safe H2O, the easiest way is to tell us about your tank using our short form.

Or simply call us on 0800 723342 – it usually takes a few minutes, and we can answer any questions you may have.

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